Color Detector

Color Detector 2.0

Color Detector is a tool to extract the hex code values of colors

Color Detector is a tiny freeware utility developed by Cosmin Software. It was programmed for calibrating the hexadecimal value of a certain color. You can pick the color that you need by moving your mouse pointer anywhere on your screen, and then pressing the "F5" key to capture it. You will also be able to get the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values that compose your selected color. Additionally, it has a very useful function, not found on other applications, it is the ability to tell you the actual name and degree of the chosen color.

The user interface is very simple, and it will stay on top of all other windows while running, so you will be watching the color name and values that it returns, while you choose the color. It also gives you the ability to copy any of the found values using your mouse. It displays the X and Y values that represent the exact location where you have selected the color. This can be very useful for some designing applications.

The program is very handy; it uses hotkeys enabling you to copy the hexadecimal or RGB values directly to your clipboard.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Copy functionality
  • Returns hex code and RGB values


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